Blue Harbor is a team of two working alongside each other in the creation of each unique costume we make. Together, our combined sewing experience is 15 years! We typically work together on different aspects of the suit. Zel excels at working on bodysuit work and sewing together hands, feet, and tails, while I work exclusively on the heads, underlying structures, and patterning. Our sewing experience was originally honed under the wonderful guidance of a professional seamstress.

We both got into the fandom around 2009, and have loved these big fluffy costumes ever since seeing them in person at a convention. The thought and creativity that goes into these beautiful costumes sparked us into creating some of our very own. Ever since that first convention, and the creation of our first costume, we have been working towards creating individual pieces of wearable art (and yes, they are art!) for ourselves and others to wear. We enjoy the search of the most perfect fabrics, the best techniques, our Janome machines, and, most importantly, the joy of seeing our customers enjoys their new costume for years to come.

Why choose us? One of the areas we excel in, apart from well made, high quality costumes, is that we are excellent with communication, and getting your stuff done when we say we will. We want to make you the costume you’ve always wanted.

Signal & Zel