Before you inquire about a quote, please make sure you have appropriate concept art on hand! Concept art must be G-PG (we will not accept adult concepts) in nature, and feature at least 3 views (2 views accepted only for minimalistic/simple designs)

**Our pricing has changed for our upcoming 2022 opening.**



Our heads come completely lined with soft stretch material which gives the performer the chance to swap out balaclava hoods during extended wear. With this material, heads quickly dry and keep the performer comfortable and aid in overall cooling. Our soft, light weight foam heads include excellent ventilation through the mouth of the costume, and superb vision through the eyes. With the head being the focal point of the costume, and understanding that comfort of this vital piece can “make or break” the suit, we excel at making this piece easy to put on and remove, as well as extremely comfortable to perform in.

All of our fabricated parts are machine sewn on top of the line Janome and Babylock machines. New Feature as of June 2021- body seams are now serged! We use only the highest quality faux fur fabrics, threads and other materials in the production of our costumes, making them excellent candidates for years of use with proper care and maintenance.

Our outdoor style feet are built with fully lined interiors, comfortable shoes inside as well as thick, durable shoe soling on the bottoms of outdoor paws. Our Indoor paws feature furred bottoms and appliqued paw pad details making for wonderful photo opportunities. Since indoor paws are more delicate, we recommend them for indoor use only. We do offer sandals to wear over this option for added protection.

Our hand paws come in a variety of styles and can be built for a super toony plush look, or a slimmer look with somewhat increased dexterity and manageability in mind. Paw pads are machine sewn and appliqued, and are made from vinyl or soft plush material, depending on the look you are going for and availability of fabric in desired colors. Plush padded paws come with padded/lined inserts. All paw/feet options feature complimentary soft cuffs.

Lastly, our tails are machine sewn, and connect to the wearer via hidden belt loops. Tails come in a variety of styles, lengths, and sizes, and some may require attachment to the bodysuit itself.

Blue Harbor now features all soft parts on our costumes. Sewn noses and claws lead to extended durability, no scuffing, and without fear of breaking or falling off. For k9 noses with nostrils, we cast in plastic or foam rubber, depending on the look or level of color matching required.


Starting at $4200+

These costumes come with leg padding to give the illusion of an animal type leg. We can do varying degrees of leg padding from slim to large- please let us know during your inquiry what style you’re going for.

We offer a variety of padding options: female chest padding, abs/pecs, belly padding, and barreled chest padding. We are currently not offering dropped crotches as an option.

Costume includes padded body/feet, tail, four fingered paws, hard soled feet, and a head.
**Padded costumes are HOT to wear and may be more cumbersome to don and doff.**

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Starting at $3800+

Plantigrade costumes feature no leg padding and are great for performers who need a larger degree of range of motion, and like a costume that is easy to wear, pack, and travel with. These costumes include a body, four fingered paws, hard soled feet, tail, and a head. The neck of the body is lined with soft fabric for comfort.


Starting at $2800+

“Partials” are excellent options for those of us whom have a tendency to overheat easily, or just like the flare of wearing clothes with our costumes.

Includes a head, four fingered paws, hard soled feet, and a tail.
Think you may eventually want a body for your costume? Please understand that fur dye lots change frequently and your bodysuit may not match the color/length exactly of pre-existing parts, especially if ordered months or years later.


Starting at $2200*

Head only orders come with a fully lined head (no foam touches your face!) with vision through the iris/pupil of the eye, and breathing through the mouth of the costume. Vision and breath-ability in our foam constructed heads are excellent. Heads are very light weight, proportionally sized, and most of all, comfortable and easy to wear.

We can do either 2D eyes, or 3D “Follow” effect eyes. 2D eyes come standard, while 3D eyes are an additional $150.

*We are currently not accepting head only orders. If you are a previous client looking for an upgrade, please email us. 


Costs Vary
Chest, ab, back, hip and rear padding Varies
Removable Antler/Horn System +$275
Wings Varies
Chest pocket for phone/wallet/keys $75 per pocket; limit 2
Legs or Arm sleeves From $225+/set
Five fingered Paws +$150 to base price
Indoor style feet with soft furred bottoms and paw pads From $650+
3D “Follow” effect eyes $175
Extra Zippers $125 per zipper
Removable Eyelids +$40 per set


Cost Varies

Feet Paws

Feet Paws are built on a shoe base for ease and comfort of long wear. We can build them without a shoe for multiple performers at your request. Feet are complete with durable rubber soling bottoms for active performers and outdoor use. Finished show bottoms are another option, and come with furred bottoms and paw pads and are recommended for indoor use/show only. We can make any sort of animal feet- from clawed dragons, canine paws, hooved creatures, and bird feet. Our feet paws come lined.

Outdoor Hard soled feet start at $525

Indoor feet with pawpads start at $650

Hand Paws

Hand paws come standard with four fingers unless otherwise stated. Hand paws have the upgrade option for stuffed fingers which gives a toonier appearance. Stuffed fingered paws are partially lined. All paw style edges are sewn and sealed with soft material.

Stuffed Handpaws start at $550.


Tails come completely sewn and wearable via sewn in, hidden belt loops. Certain types of tails, such as large foam based tails, small tails, or upright curly tails are usually sewn to a body suit if purchasing a full costume.

We do not accept tail only orders at this time.


Yes, we make stuffed plush characters, too!

Plush creations can be custom patterned, or we have preexisting patterns to choose from. Prices vary depending on custom or preexisting patterns, complexity, and size of the plush. Please note, we make each and every pattern by hand, and use an embroidery machine for details such as eyes and mouths. We use plastic pellets for weight, and super soft filling for hug ability. Our plush are meant for gentle cuddles, or for show.

Pricing for our plush typically ranges from $600-$1000+ USD for our currently available pattern styles (Anthro 21″ tall, or lying 24-30″ long).

Plush commissions are not currently open. We open for select spots via our social media. We cannot offer quotes for plush projects when we are not accepting new work.
Make sure you follow our twitter for all information and openings.