To secure your spot in line, a 30% non-refundable deposit must be paid. If the deposit is not paid, your spot will be given to the next person in line. The remaining 70% percent must be paid the by first day of the month prior to your month of completion (if your costume is due to be completed in September, you need to send your final payment by August 1st).

Delays in payment OR required client materials (forms, DTD, requested measurements) will result in construction delays, and deadline delays.

All payments must be sent before a costumes completion.

If payments are late, you are subject to a $100 late fee for each month the payment is late. Late payments will also cause your commission spot in line to be pushed back.

Work in Progress Photos

We do not typically send out WIP photos individually unless under certain circumstances, or the costume owner wishes to remain anonymous. We post all WIP updates and progress photos to our public twitter account @BlueHarborC.

We ask that clients do not email constantly for updates as this can slow down progression on your costume. We do not send monthly updates to clients months in advance since there is simply nothing to update you on. If there are concerns, please contact us via email, and we will do the same should circumstances arise on our end. Work on costumes typically takes 2-10 weeks depending on complexity. We are happy to answer all of our clients questions.

Concept Art

Please make sure the art you send is G-PG and includes a three-view full body turnaround. We create your costumes look depending on your concept artwork. We do not typically accept generic “free to use” concept art for this reason, as these tell us your design and colors, but lend nothing to the characters specific details.

We ask that all concept art work be free of any sort of shading or texture, and any details be noted along with your artwork. Art must be easy to read, clear, and to the point. Any changes requested for the costume must be reflected on the artwork.

**it is very important that your concept artwork depict how you expect the costume to look. If your requesting a happy expression- your artwork should reflect this, if your asking for a grumpy look, your artwork should depict a grumpy expression. This helps us create exactly what you are looking for.

Blue Harbor does offer concept art for customers at a fee starting at $150. Please contact us if you are in need of artwork for your costume.


We do not offer set deadlines for convention times. Please make sure your completion month is at least ONE MONTH prior to your actual deadline. If you have a convention or event you’d like your costume completed by in December, please make sure your completion month request is set for at the latest, November. This allows for any unforeseeable issues that may arise to decrease the impact on your designated deadlines.

Our completion times are as follows: we book in on a monthly format, for example, we book you for completion during July/August. This means that your costume is started, and completed anytime during these designated months (with an allotted 2 week grace period following the 1st of the second month). We typically work in batches and have more than one client/item(s) for that time frame, so if you don’t see your costume started on the first of the month, do not worry!

If your completion month chosen is within the month of a convention, please be aware that your costume may not be completed and shipped before this date. We typically ship costumes the last week/by the first day of the new month.

Please let us know the dates of the convention you are attending if you are seeking this as a deadline. With furry conventions happening every weekend for the most part, we do not know every specific date of every convention. Please, as a courtesy, include the dates of the convention in your email/within the quote form.

If the client does not provide their required materials (measurement/detail form, and/or their DTD by the specified time, there may be delays in production. We need your required materials in order to even start creating your costume. If, for whatever reason you are not able to provide said materials by their due dates, delays may be expected.

Should you have a hard deadline you would like met outside of the above terms, an expedition fee will occur and is on a case by case basis, just ask us.


Blue Harbor will ship anywhere in the world. Customers overseas are responsible for custom fees and charges. Simply contact with questions or concerns. We are not liable for any charges customs taxes or charges that may accrue upon pick up for overseas clients. Please be aware of possible customs charges when ordering a costume.

All shipments come with insurance and signature required deliveries for drop off. Any damages/delays/misplacement of parcels that may occur during shipping must be taken up with the shipping company used. Shipping charges are to be paid by the client and prices are determined upon completion/packaging of the costume. Costumes will not be shipped until payment is made in full.


Sizes provided by the customer are sizes we create by. If sizing is wrong on the customers end, we do not cover repairs, and a resizing fee may be charged.

We do not destroy duct tape dummies during the process of making your body. We know that the bodysuit fits correctly and to your specifications as we directly place the completed body on your dummy. If your dummy was made incorrectly, ill fitted, or otherwise in a non-usable state, you may be asked to re-make your dummy. Well made DTD’s are a CRUCIAL part to our building process and it is imperative that the client makes their dummy correctly. Please do not send your duct tape dummy out to us before it is requested. If you gain, or lose weight in the time after it is made/during production, you will need to re-send a new dummy as we are unable to re-size based off of your provided measurements alone. Note: if your body is already made, we may not be able to resize, especially if your design is complicated.

Please note, we cannot always resize items, especially going from smaller to larger.

Anything done by our own fault is fully covered under a 60 day warranty, and will not be charged a resizing fee.

Copyrighted Characters

Copyrighted characters will not be marketed or made by Blue Harbor. We only create one of a kind costumes, and will not create look a likes of major companies, or other costume creators.


Your initial deposit of 30% is non-refundable and nontransferable. If for whatever reason you cancel your order you forfeit this initial deposit and will be returned the remaining balance.

Once work has begun, no part of the purchase is refundable.

Once a refund is issued on the customers behalf, the customer forfeits the opportunity to work with Blue Harbor Creations LLC in the future.

A custom costume is a big investment, and one not to be taken lightly. Please only order if you are financially capable at the time of purchase and able to complete future transactions for the entire balance of your purchase.

Blue Harbor reserves the right to, at any time, cancel your order. Should we cancel your order with us you will be refunded your entire purchase price, including your intial 30% deposit.

Finally, we ask that all customers be respectful.

Blue Harbor is respectful and courteous to all of our customers, and all we ask is that you do the same.