This page is all about the first, and one of the most important steps of getting a custom costume. Concept art, or a reference sheet, is an image depicting your character in a 2-3 view turn around. This is what we (or any creator you choose) reference directly when creating your costume.

The basics of concept art:

-Concept art should be clear, correct (markings match from view-view) and include a full FRONTAL, BACK, and SIDE view. For basic/simple designs a front and back view will suffice.
-There should be NO SHADING or gradients (We do not do shaded/blended gradients on costumes) on your character. The only colors shown should depict your markings and overall character design.
-Artwork should be G-PG in nature. We will absolutely not accept concept art of an adult nature.
-Your concept art should ideally depict your desired expression.
-Understand that your characters exact colors may not be available in fur form, or your preferred fur length(s).
-If there are any features that may obscure markings, make sure there is an unobscured view.
-it is good, but not a requirement, that your artwork depict any sort of padding (digitigrade legs, abs, belly etc.) you do want on the costume itself.

**We do not accept any AI generated artwork or 3D avatars. 



Below is an example of acceptable concept art.



It is important that all of your characters markings are clearly and correctly depicted. Front to back to side views should align.




Don’t have concept art? We have artist created concepts below for clients to choose from. These characters/concepts come as depicted- no alterations unless via the artists discretion. 


Below are designs we have created that are available for purchase as full, completed costumes (Requiring a DTD).

**The furs for these costumes are already pre-determined, no design changes may be made UNLESS via artist discretion .

clients DO get a choice of: no padding, or padding, eye style (3D or 2D), and expression, unless otherwise stated below. 

*If you would like to purchase any one of these designs, please fill out our “Order Form” with desired options as well as the name of the design you’d like to purchase. *These concepts have a high rate of being chosen for our queue*






1. Greyscale dog

2. Minty Lynx ADOPTED!

3. Tundra Saber

4. Pink G-shep ADOPTED!




1. Cargo coydog ADOPTED
2. Kingston Husky,
3. Langston Lynx

1. Naturally colored Beauceron
2. Hound dog
  1. DayBreak (final design will have hair tuft)

Pyro Tiger (optional: Saber teeth and shorter bob tail)
Raspberry Latte ADOPTED
1. Greyscale Bou 2. Saltwater Taffy
Trouble Coydog (optional: Hair tuft)
(90s) Vibes